I'm also intelligent, I'm proud being different!

For autists, those having difficulties while studying and normal kids who wants to develope their intelligences, it's time to make the difference!
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More than 300 autists in Mascara would have the chance to persue studies using an MI(Multiple Intelligences) approach as well as those who haven't succeed there studies. Thanks to the present creation "smart Jil" ( the MICS)

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Smart jil would take first in the center Mascara, the zone where the target categories are concentrated. While our space on the web w ould be open for the parents of registrated children as well as for any parent of a child with ASD or school failure
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Dear Parents, We would like to thank you for choosing Smartjil School for Children with Autism
Children will have an educational and a joy space, where developing there sensatins, skils and fondamentals: alphabets, counting, reading, painting with colors, singing and dancing.
From the first to the 5th class (as usual), the educational programme will be teached and learned with the MI approach. A very special and determined health programme by spacialistes and doctors and from which, the children will benifite (autists specially)

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